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NVeiler Video Filter

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NVeiler Video Filter is a plug-in for VirtualDub video processing software. The plug-in is intended for hiding faces or other objects in videos using pixelation effect.

The filter includes automatic face detection and tracking engine that allows to hide the faces in all subsequent frames, as well as detect and hide new faces without user intervention.

NVeiler Video Filter has also manual operation mode that allows to hide only selected faces while leaving others unobscured. Also this mode allows to track and hide face parts (like eyes or lips) or other non-face objects.

A 30-day trial version of NVeiler Video Filter is available for downloading from Neurotechnology web site. The plug-in has full functionality and allows to try the NVeiler Video Filter with real video files.
Download 30-day trial.


  • Configurable plug-in for VirtualDub video processing software.
  • Automatic face detection and pixelation in videos.
  • Manual selection to obscure only required faces or their regions.
  • Logos, car license plates and other non-face items can be also hidden.
  • Automatic tracking hides faces or objects in subsequent frames.


The NVeiler Video Filter allows to configure the automatic face detection by adjusting parameters like smallest distance between eyes for a face, or largest face roll angle.

There are no limitations on video size or aspect ratio. However, at least 0.3 MegaPixels resolution is recommended (like in 640 x 480 pixels videos) for confident face detection and subsequent tracking.

NVeiler Video Filter is recommended to be used on a PC with at least 2.66 GHz processor; less powerful PC will do the job but at the cost of time. VirtualDub 1.9.11 (or newer) required. In general filter's performance depends on frame size and number of face in a frame.

A license for NVeiler Video Filter plug-in is required for each PC that runs this plug-in.

See also NVeiler Video Filter page on Neurotechnology web site for more information.

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